EADSEC Offers the following equipments for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term hire:

M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector

M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector is the World's Most Versatile, portable, truly dynamic Walk-through Metal Detector capable of being rapidly deployed by only one operator within minutes. With a battery life of 40 hours, a collapsed one-person transport configuration at a total weight of 42 Kg (87 pounds), M-Scope is the only walk-through detector that can be moved in a van or even a car to any desired location. Police departments, private security guards, night clubs, schools, courts among others worldwide use M-Scope at fixed and multiple locations to perform reliable vital crowd-scanning functions while giving operators the freedom to monitor activities around them. Use of AC (110V or 220V) or DC power, secured digital I/O control panel featuring a multi-zone 100 sensitivity settiongs give users an unprecedented array of responsive and variable security detector options.


CW-10 Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector

CW-10 is hand-held detector of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. the lightweight detector with auto tune circuitry is easy to use standalone or in conjuction with M-Scope walk-through metal detector.


CW-20 Hand-Held Metal Detector

CW-20 is a high performance standalone hand-held metal detector with LED target indicator in addition to audio and vibration alerts. This detector has features for eliminating electromagnetic interference in the environment.


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