M-Scope Accessories

CW-10 Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector

Precision Locator for all types of Metals for detailed screening.


Pop-up Shelter

A lightweight shelter ideal for outdoor use.


Bases with Built-in Levelers

The levelers provide extra stability while assembling/
disassebling M-Scope on uneven surfaces.


Protective Bag / Dust Cover

A durable protective cover for transportation
and storage of M-Scope.


Operational Test Piece

A test piece designed to FAA specifications.
Assists in the calibration of M-Scope.


Floor Mat

A heavy duty floor mat to to provide "footprint" for
easy M-Scope setup and minimize dirt in outdoor installation.


Y-Cable Assembly

Y-Cable for parallel connection /
Charging of M-Scope batteries at AC Output